Meetjesland presents itself as a quiet rural region, close to the North Sea and close to the cultural cities of Ghent and Bruges. It is popular as a cycling and walking region.

The Huysmanhoeve and Drongengoedhoeve serve as area visitor centers. The Meetjesland’s cycling node network is 790 kilometers long; there are also two walking node networks (“Meetjeslandse Bossen” and “Meetjeslandse Kreken”).

The forests, canals and creeks provide a backdrop for biking and hiking. Since 2010, it has also had an official holiday, June 21. On this day, activities are organized throughout the Meetjesland by the various municipalities and merchants.

Several castles can be found in the south of the Meetjesland, including the Castle of Poeke in Poeke or the Castle of Lovendegem.

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Landscape park Drongengoed

The Landscape Park Drongengoed is building a unique tourist-recreational destination within the Meetjesland tourist region. The Drongengoed is, with about 750 hectares, the largest contiguous forest area in East Flanders. Discover it on Bicycle Network Meetjesland or through the Walking Network Meetjeslandse Bossen. Learn about the early origins of this area at the Drongengoedhoeve. Be sure to visit the permanent exhibition “The Secret of the Cuesta.
The villages of Knesselare, Ursel and Kleit are the cultural gateways to the green lung Drongengoed-Maldegemveld. Visit the landscape park. Cycle and walk, from the village centers, past the various points of attraction within this fascinating rural patchwork. You can rent a Viva Velo bike from one of our ambassadors to fully explore the area!
Experience the Drongengoed and get carried away by its hidden stories and boundless tranquility. Discover, enjoy, relax!

Extensive info can be found on the website.

Huysmanhoeve regional center in Eeklo

Provincial Regional Center Huysmanhoeve is the ideal starting point for the discovery of the Meetjesland. You can learn about the different aspects of this fascinating region: nature, culture, history, landscape and recreation. During opening hours you can visit the cafeteria and the regional heritage depot (in the main house and cowshed). Taking a breather on a bike ride, picnicking, reading a book, curling up, … it’s all possible. For children, there is a natural playground.

The Regional Center is open from April 1 to October 1 Wednesday through Sunday (including holidays) from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is free.

Canada Museum in Adegem

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Liberation, Mr. Van Landschoot decided to create a private museum in honor of the liberators. The museum vividly presents the mobilization, occupation and liberation of Flanders. Several dioramas show you lifelike military actions from WWII with 270 uniforms, weapons, transmitters, posters, equipment,….

VZW Canada-Poland War Museum, Heulendonk 21, 9990 Adegem.
Detailed information about opening hours and reservations can be found on the website.

Provincial domain Het Leen & Arboretum

The Leen is the provincial domain for those who want to delve into the world of the forest. What used to be a military domain grew into a draw for families, groups and schools with the right interventions by the county. A blooming 278-hectare forest, a beautiful arboretum and a hiking area where you can get lost for hours: what more could a person want?

The best thing about this provincial domain? Wheelchair users and families with baby carriages can also comfortably cover a nice part of the walks. After all, the ground is still paved in many places – an ex-military domain, remember?

But there is also no shortage of unpaved trails. If you head out, you’ll find as many as 15 ponds on your path. And yes, in 3 of them you are allowed to fish as well. More information about the rules around that can be found locally or on the website of The Loan itself.

Maldegem Steam Center

As a child, did you dream of becoming a machinist? Looking for an original gift? The steam center offers you the opportunity to experience what it is like to stand on a steam or diesel locomotive.

The Steam Center is open from May through the end of September. You can go there with groups on both normal opening days, for a scheduled train ride, as well as for your own extra-train. It is also available on weekdays for your group visit, train ride.

Vzw Stoomcentrum Maldegem, Stationsplein 8, 9990 Maldegem
Detailed information about opening hours and reservations can be found on the website.

The creeks

From the Huysmanhoeve, the bridge over the expressway brings you to the northern section of the Meetjesland Bicycle Network. Junction 93 continues you on your way past pretty villages and creek spots. The creek area in the Meetjesland is a region reclaimed from the sea several centuries ago. An intricate system of dikes resulted in fertile land and a peculiar and unique landscape. Creeks, wide landscapes, large farms, churches, peace and nature are there to explore.

Find more cycling routes in Flanders on the website www.fietsroute.org.

Markets in the area

In ‘t Meetjesland, the market is alive and well! Not coincidentally, two of the very best-known faces ever to appear in Flemish markets are Meetjeslanders; folk singers Tamboer and Eddy Wally are known from far and wide.

Every morning of the week you can stroll somewhere among the market stalls. Plenty of choice to return home with a souvenir from the Meetjesland.

  • Monday: Zelzate, Maldegem
  • Tuesday: Zomergem, Assenede, Hansbeke
  • Wednesday: Ertvelde
  • Thursday: Eeklo, Doornzele
  • Friday: Sleidinge, Lovendegem, Nevele
  • Saturday: Evergem
  • Sunday: Eeklo Kaaiken